About New College

Your future matters to us. At New College Bradford, we are committed to social mobility: a belief that gender, ethnicity, wealth or where you live should not stop you achieving your potential. By giving you the chance to achieve amazing A-level and BTEC results, we are providing you with better life chances, better access to higher education and better jobs. So, irrespective of your background or starting point, New College Bradford really does have the potential to change your life. Don’t waste that opportunity!

The New Collaborative Learning Trust has an established reputation for very strong exam performance. We are passionate about sustaining and improving teaching and learning so that every student’s results represent his/her best possible achievement. A key aspect of the

New College experience is the young adult environment in which you will learn. We will respect you as an individual and encourage you to work in partnership with staff to achieve your goals.

We will help you take increasing responsibility for your learning and to achieve self-confidence, skills and knowledge which will help you to progress in life, work and future study.

Because we are specialists in post-16 qualifications, we are able to offer an extensive choice of academic subjects and a diverse range of wider College activities, such as performing arts, music, sport, foreign exchanges to France and Spain and challenging global expeditions.

New College Bradford sits alongside the newly opened New College Doncaster with 1000 students, as well as New College Pontefract, an Ofsted “outstanding” college with over 2400 students. All three colleges are part of the New Collaborative Learning Trust, sharing talented staff, expertise, leadership and systems. We want to improve the life chances of all our students as a result of a high-quality education that leads to meaningful progression and real social mobility.

Stuart Nash