About the Proposal

New College Bradford will be a 16-19 sixth form college in Bradford, delivering a curriculum with over 30 A-Levels and a selection of Level 3 BTECs. When at its maximum, it is planned that it will contain 1200 students. New College Bradford is scheduled to open in September 2019.

A part of the New Collaborative Learning Trust, it will be built around a culture of hard work, responsibility and accountability, where staff and students work together to achieve the best possible outcomes. As part of the trust, it will be supported by the other colleges in the trust, New College Pontefract and New College Doncaster, and by the New Collaborative Teaching School, a training organisation which has provided specialist teaching and learning support to dozens of schools across West Yorkshire. New College Pontefract, the oldest college in the trust, was awarded a Grade 1 by Ofsted in 2014, and was shortlisted for the TES College of the Year award in 2015. It has an exceptional track record of delivering outstanding results, achieving a 100% pass rate and a 55.2% A*-B rate at A-Level in 2018, along with a 91% high grade in its Level 3 BTECs.

Belonging to this trust means that New College Bradford will be able to draw upon the wide range of skills, systems and expertise which have already been established. The trust’s senior leadership team will be able to use the trust’s resources, and its track record of post-16 success, to ensure that New College Bradford is also a success.

Why a sixth form college?

A sixth form college is very different from a school. Students call teachers by their first names, there are no bells or uniforms, and all the staff who teach there are specialists in post-16 education. There are no younger pupils on site, and all the resources are specifically designed for 16-19 year-olds.

This means it is very like a stepping stone from school to university.

Creating this kind of focussed environment is a key part of the New Collaborative Learning Trust’s success.