Why should I study this subject?
A-Level Biology is a challenging but enjoyable subject that will act as a stepping stone to future study. It is particularly useful for progression onto medical courses at university such as Biological Sciences and medicine.
The course covers most aspects of Biology both animal and plant and will appeal to those who have a passion for understanding the natural world around them and enjoy problem solving.

What will I study?
Year 12:
Biological molecules
Organism substance exchange
Genetic information and variation

Year 13:
Energy transfer in & between organisms
Response to internal and external environments
Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
Control of gene expression

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

What skills do I need?
Good Maths skills.
English comprehension skills.
Problem solving
Practical skills.

How will I be taught?

Three one and a half hour lessons a week.

How will I be assessed?
100% exam
3 papers.
Paper 1 & 2 are 35% of A-Level, paper 3 is 30%.

What will the course prepare me for?
The course is perfectly suited to further study in Biological Sciences and medical courses such as physician, dentistry and veterinary studies. It also caters for students who wish to move into other scientific areas such as ecology and environmental studies as well as forensic sciences and foods Sciences amongst many others.

How much private study should I expect to do?
5 hours a week minimum.

What materials will I need to purchase?
A course revision guide will be available from college for a small deposit.

A scientific calculator is essential.

What is the exam board?


This subject is for you if… 
You are good at science and maths, have an interest in living things and you are good at learning facts, solving problems and you enjoy practical work.

This subject is not for you if… 
You dislike learning large amounts of content and struggle with solving problems and calculations in exams.

“Studying Biology has really increased my understanding of the natural world.”

“Biology has been so interesting. I have really enjoyed finding out how things work.”
Harriet Bywater, Outwood Academy, Carlton, Barnsley.