Design Engineering

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Subject Intent: Why Engineering?

From phones and drones to aeroplanes and buildings, in a world where every single product we look at or touch has been designed and manufactured, this course gives students a fantastic insight to how they are possible. Exploring wide ranges of materials, processes, user needs and environmental considerations, students become familiar with the responsibility and demand
on designers and manufacturers. Design Engineering offers learners the opportunity to build knowledge, skills and understanding about how products and solutions are possible and is a perfect stepping stone for students who wish to continue studies or work in any area of design or engineering.

Why should I study this subject?

Design Engineering developments impact every aspect of our lives: the buildings we live and work in, the cars we drive and the computers, smart phones and tablets we use have all been developed as a result of engineering. These ideas are constantly evolving and new innovations are being developed, making this an incredibly dynamic and exciting area to study and work in. Design Engineering as a subject is a mixture of Design Technology, with aspects of Physics and Maths which explores a wide range of topics from mechanisms and materials to electronics and CAD/CAM.

It is a subject which has a focus on problem solving, design and manufacture and is an ideal stepping stone into higher education or industry which has a focus on these areas. You can expect to explore engineering through areas such as research, rigorous investigation, iterative design, development and manufacture.


What will I study?

• Materials – origin, suitability and application of
• Manufacturing processes and techniques – industrial
• CAD/ CAM/ CAE • Structures
• Mechanisms
• Forces and Motion
• Electronics and energy forms
• Programming
• Communication skills – drawing, sketching and modelling techniques
• Practical manufacturing skills
• Sustainability and environmental impacts
• Stakeholders, users and their requirements


What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.