Further Mathematics

Why Further Mathematics?

Students who want to continue with Mathematics or Computer Science at degree level will benefit from studying Further Mathematics as it is a requirement for some Higher Education providers.  Students will see the links between different areas of mathematics and apply their mathematical skills across all areas.  Students will learn how to reason logically and recognise incorrect reasoning. Students are taught to read and comprehend mathematical arguments, including justifications of methods and formulae, and students will gain confidence to communicate their understanding. Students will use their mathematical skills and techniques to solve challenging problems, which require them to decide on the solution strategy. All of these skills are highly desirable in the work place and in further education.

What will I study?

AS/Y12 Further Maths, compulsory content:

Complex numbers; Matrices; further algebra & functions; further calculus; further vectors; Polar coordinates; hyperbolic functions; further coordinate geometry,

Optional content from: mechanics, statistics or discrete maths.

A-Level/Y13 Further Maths, compulsory content: All AS content plus: Proof; Differential equations; Trigonometry; & Numerical methods.

Optional content from: mechanics, statistics and discrete maths.

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.