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Subject Intent: Why Geography?

The Geography curriculum ensures that our students are able to understand the world in which they live and inspire them to tackle the issues we face. In making sense of the world we live in, the interactions between human and physical process and exploring sustainable futures, our students will develop a range of skills that prepare them for work or further study. Our geographers become proficient at researching and exploring geographical issues, they develop problem solving and decision making skills whilst handling and collecting data in the field. Our geography students leave enriched with skills, become intellectually aware of what is happening in the world and ready to understand, study or work in a changing world.

Why should I study this subject?

When you study Geography A-Level you develop an understanding of the interactions between  the people and the physical world. We learn how physical processes such as coastal landforms development or water and carbon cycles can affect the way in which we live and manage the world. We study critical issues that humans face regarding resource security, managing the global commons and changing places. Better understanding of these issues will help us to take our place in a more sustainable world and see the contributions that we can make to improve standards of living for future generations. Geography is very useful because you develop skills in essay writing, numeracy, and as well as skills in geographical information services (GIS). These skills will be incorporated into the NEA (non- examined assessment) which will form 20% of the overall A-Level. There is a requirement that four days compulsory fieldwork are completed in an urban and coastal environment.

What will I study?

Component 1- Physical Geography -40%

• Hazards
• Coastal systems and landscapes
• Water and carbon
Component 2- Human Geography -40%
• Changing places
• Resource security
• Global systems and governance

Component 3- NEA –20%
An Independent investigation conducted by the student.


Geography helps you to make sense of the world around you. It is hands on, it is relevant and it is fun. It helps me with understanding the world but also put me in the right direction for my career path. The corse so far has been really balanced between course work and field work.

Jack Kong
Tong Leadership Academy

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.