Why Law?

Law provides a grounding and basis for students to become an informed citizen.  Our curriculum helps to develop the Fundamental British values of students by reviewing the rule of Law and how key cases have helped to shape the English Legal system and their impact on society. Through studying Law students also develop individual liberty and mutual respect of others and are able to identify how their decisions can influence decision making.  Our curriculum also enables our students to review different viewpoints from individuals and make informed decisions based on evidence, leading to many careers within the field of Law such as legal clerks, barristers or becoming a judge.

What will I study?

The topics you will study include

• Nature of law which gives you an insight into the fundamental principles of law and customs
• Criminal and Civil courts which covers the court system and the sentences available
• Sources of law which concentrates on where law comes from and how are system is set up
• Criminal Law- where students learn about how to be guilty of criminal offences such as murder, theft, robbery and burglary
• Tort law which covers duty of car owed to others, responsibility of employers, occupiers liability and remedies available
• Human rights- where students understand their basic human rights

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.