Why should I study this subject?

Mathematics is a stimulating and challenging subject which is highly regarded at a-Level. Both employers and universities are keen to take you if you have successfully completed this course. a-Level Mathematics builds from 9-1 GCsE Mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. The course includes Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and statistics.

The course encourages students to understand mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence, fosters enjoyment and provides a strong foundation for progress to further study. There are 3 overall themes throughout the course: proof, problem-solving and modelling.

What will I study?

This course will cover:
• Algebra
• Functions
• Coordinate geometry
• Sequences & series
• Trigonometry
• Exponentials & logarithms • numerical methods
• Calculus
• Statistics & probability
• Vectors
• Mechanics including kinematics, forces

and newton’s laws, and moments

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

What skills do I need?

Strong algebraic skills

Good familiarity with the topics covered on the new higher GCSE mathematics.

A willingness to solve problems.

How will I be taught?

Using a variety of methods, including individual and group work.

Learning will be reinforced by the completion of practice questions and past paper questions.

How will I be assessed?

Examination at the end of year 13.

What will the course prepare me for?

Mathematics is a much sought after qualification for entry to a wide variety of careers and Higher Education courses. Examples include accountancy, law, teaching, engineering, IT, medicine, mathematics and computing.

How much private study should I expect to do?

As an approximate guideline four to five hours for each subject.

What materials will I need to purchase?

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase a graphical calculator through college at the start of term.

What is the exam board?


This subject is for you if
you are very confident working with algebra and enjoy complex multi-stage problems.

This subject is not for you if
you panic or give up if you encounter unusual problems you’ve not seen before.