Media Studies

Why should I study this subject?
You should study A-Level Media Studies if you are interested in the ways in which the media is constructed, the messages it delivers and the way it interacts with its audience. You should also be interested in creating your own media products.

What will I study ?

Media language – how the media through their forms, codes, conventions and techniques communicate meanings

  • representation – how the media portray events, issues, individuals and social groups
  • media industries – how the media industries’ processes of production, distribution and circulation affect media forms and platforms
  • audiences – how media forms target, reach and address audiences, how audiences interpret and respond to them and how members of audiences become producers themselves

You will study the following media forms:

  • television
  • film
  • radio
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • advertising and marketing
  • online, social and participatory media
  • video games
  • music video

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

What skills do I need?

Good mechanical English and essay writing coupled with creativity and imagination.

How will I be taught?

You will be taught in a wide variety of ways which will include both working independently and within groups. This will include: teacher/peer led sessions; presentations; audio visual production; use of IT; drawing.

How will I be assessed?

The course is assessed by terminal exams and a coursework element.

What will the course prepare me for?

As a multi-disciplinary course drawing on theory and knowledge from a variety of subjects, plus combining analysis with creativity the subject is versatile and can prepare you for a variety of careers and HE choices

How much private study should I expect to do?

You are expected to do 4-5 hours per week which may include: research; writing essays; preparing a presentation; filming; taking photographs.

What materials will I need to purchase?
Stationery such as folders and A4 paper. No specialist equipment is required as this is available within the department.

What is the exam board?


This subject is for you if…
you are interested in both the theoretical and practical sides of the media and you perform equally as well in examinations and essay writing as you do in practical coursework.

This subject is not for you if…
you perform better with ongoing assessment rather than a final exam and/or you want to focus more on the practical production.