Subject Intent: Why Sociology?

Sociology gives students the opportunity to study the social world and equips them with the appropriate skills and knowledge needed to be able to understand and explain the societal impact on an individual’s life chances. The curriculum is designed and delivered to encourage our students to challenge assumptions and develop their societal awareness. They will also develop skills and methods to investigate and communicate, providing key skills that are valuable for any field of employment that involves working with people, from careers in the public sector to media and business.

Why should I study this subject?
Sociology is an interesting and challenging subject that studies how human society works. Students learn about modern issues, social institutions such as the education system and the media, along with social change. The course introduces students to sociological views of society on many levels, from the family and community, to the increasingly globalised world. Sociologists try to answer difficult questions, such as why men commit more crime than women, or why there are more people than ever before living alone. It is said that “the first wisdom of sociology is that things are not what they seem”. Sociology challenges students to look beyond easy explanations of society’s problems and social issues and think more analytically about the world around you.


What will I study?
• Families and households: changing patterns of family life, childhood, functions of the family, gender roles, and social policy
• Education: education policy, theories of the role of education in society, class, gender and ethnic differences in achievement
• Media: media content and audiences, representation of social groups, new media, culture and globalisation
• Crime and deviance: theories of crime, social patterns of crime, victims, prevention and punishment, global crime
• Research methods: surveys, interviews, observation, secondary sources
• Sociological theories: sociological views such as feminism, functionalism and postmodernism


What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.


“Sociology has helped me gain further knowledge about society and how it works. It is an interesting but challenging subject but it helps me to push myself to work harder in order to get the best grade I can.”
Sumayyah Rashid – Bradford Girls Grammar School