Why Sociology?

Sociology gives students the opportunity to study the social world and equips them with the appropriate skills and knowledge needed to be able to understand and explain the societal impact on an individual’s life chances. The curriculum is designed and delivered to encourage our students to challenge assumptions and develop their societal awareness. They will also develop skills and methods to investigate and communicate, providing key skills that are valuable for any field of employment that involves working with people, from careers in the public sector to media and business.

What will I study?
Year 12 Topics

Families and Households:

Changing patterns of family life – divorce, marriage, cohabitation and family diversity

Changing roles of men, women and children

Sociological theories of the role of the family in society

Government policy and the family



Social class, gender,ethnicity and the attainment gap.

Sociological explanations of the role of education in society

Education policy in the UK

Sociological Research Methods:

Interviews, observation, questionnaires, experiments, secondary data

The use of sociological research methods in the education context.

Year 13 Topics

The Sociology of the Media:

Ownership and control of the mass media

Media content and media audiences

The media and stereotyping – gender, age, ethnicity

Globalisation and culture

Crime and Deviance:

Theories of crime/deviance

Crime and social class, gender, ethnicity

Globalisation, green crime, state crime

Criminal justice and crime prevention

Theory and Methods:

Sociological theories and methodological issues

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.