Induction FAQs

Student Induction FAQs


  1. What will happen if I don’t get the grades to meet the entry requirements for the subjects I have selected?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to enrol you on your chosen subjects.  We will, however, aim to offer you alternative choices in line with your career pathway.

  1. If I am re-sitting or disputing my English/Math GCSE grade, can I begin the course anyway, even if I don’t meet the GCSE English/Math entry requirement?

We are sorry but we have to accept the grades that you have presented at Enrolment in line with our entry requirements for each course. We might be able to review your programme of study if your grade does change.

  1. Will you be flexible with the entry requirements due to Coronavirus?

Unfortunately not. We could not do this consistently or fairly, so we will stick to our entry requirements. Results this year have undergone significant standardisation so we are confident that the grade profile of students will not be different to other years. 

  1. What do I do if I want to change courses? 

There will be an opportunity to look at other courses at your Enrolment Day appointment. Please remember that you will need to meet the subject specific entry requirements, and there will need to be availability on the course.  

  1. When do I enrol?

Students will be invited to enrol on Thursday 20th August or Friday 21st August.  You will receive an Enrolment letter with a specified time and date.

  1. Is there an Enrolment fee?

Yes, there is an admin fee of £25.00 which includes printer credit.

  1. What happens if I cannot attend Enrolment at the time I have been allocated?

Please let Student Services know in advance by emailing: 

  1. When do I officially start at College?

Students will be invited to attend an Induction Day on Friday 11th September.

  1. When will I be given my timetable?

Student timetables will be issued at the Induction Day on Friday 11th September.

  1. Do I have to wear a uniform?

No, there is no uniform, but clothes must be appropriate for the College environment and must not have any offensive slogans.

  1. What do I have to bring to College on my first day?

Please bring a notebook and pen.  Individual subject teachers will advise you of any further equipment you will need, for example, a scientific calculator.

  1. If I do not have lessons, do I have to stay on the College premises?

Unless you are underachieving and you are timetabled for additional lessons or the Intervention Study Support Centre, you do not need to stay in College.

  1. Can I change courses after I start college if I’m not enjoying a subject?

In the first few weeks this may be possible if there’s space. You will have to do the SIL for the new subject, have a taster lesson and you will be expected to sit a test to show your commitment to this new subject. It’s best to do this earlier in the term so you don’t miss too much of the new subject but try not to make hasty decisions. 

  1. What if I struggle to settle in?

There is a space to meet new people and your teachers and progress tutor will organise activities in your first few lessons to help you get to know your classmates. Speak to your tutor if you are struggling. 

  1. Is there somewhere I can study privately?

The Learning Resource Centre is available for you to study silently.  There are also areas around College where students can work quietly.

  1. Do you have a Prayer Room?

Yes, there is a Multi-Faith room available.

  1. Do I need to bring my own food for lunch or is there a cafeteria?

There is a cafeteria on site, but you are welcome to bring your own lunch.

  1. Where can I get a bus pass?

The College does not provide a bus service.  There is good public transport to the College and you can buy bus passes at Bradford Interchange or Bradford Forsters Station.

  1. Can I access photocopiers?

Photocopiers and printers are available for students to use for College work.

  1. How is College different from school?
  • You don’t have to wear uniform.
  • There are no bells.
  • Staff are called by their first name rather than Miss or Sir.
  • You must still attend all your lessons; however if you don’t have a lesson and are making progress you don’t have to stay at College.
  • There is a lot more independent learning; students are given on average 4 hours per subject per week of independent study to complete.
  1. Do you offer any financial support? If so, how do I apply?

A bursary is given to students who are eligible.  A leaflet with information about this will be provided at Enrolment and more information can be found on the College website. 

  1. Can I bring a parent or carer with me to Enrolment?

Owing to current circumstances and social distancing, students are encouraged to attend Enrolment on their own.  However, you will be able to call parents/carers throughout the Enrolment process if required.

  1. What is the best way to get to College?

Use the Journey Planner here [ ] to help plan your route. This map [] shows where we are in the city centre.

  1. How can I sign up for Enrichments?

The Enrichment brochure will be available in September and you can sign up for activities when you visit our Freshers’ Fair during Freshers’ Week (also in September).


Finally, if you have any further questions – please follow the link below and someone will respond to you as soon as they can.