Level 2

At New College we offer one-year re-sit (Level 2) courses. These allow students to improve on the grades gained in year 11 and/or ll any gaps in their quali cations.

A large percentage of our Level 2 students move onto Level 3 courses on completion of a successful one-year re-sit programme. To study at Level
2 you should have achieved a good range of GCSEs (or equivalent) mainly at grades D and E. You must have achieved Level 3 English Language.

Individual assessment

Students who have not been in full-time education for various reasons or who have recently moved to the United Kingdom from another country will be asked to sit a short test to determine the level of course they are most suited to.

The courses on offer are GCSEs and Level 2 BTECs

  1. GCSE
  • Business
  • Combined Science: Trilogy
  • English
  • Health & Social Care
  • Maths


  1. BTEC
  • Business
  • Childcare
  • Creative Digital Media
  • Engineering
  • ICT
  • Journalism and Media
  • Photography
  • Science