New College Achieves Artsmark Silver Award

New College Bradford has achieved the Arts mark Silver Award and has yielded remarkable outcomes, transforming our arts and culture initiatives. Here are the key measures of success that highlight the impact of our Arts mark journey:

  • Increased opportunities for our students, with a focus on enhancing the arts in our curriculum and extracurricular activities.
  • A surge in student engagement in the arts curriculum, including higher participation in co-curricular clubs and public performances.
  • Strengthened relationships within our college, across the New Collaborative Learning Trust, and within our feeder communities.
  • Development of confident role models through creative teaching and provision, with an emphasis on positive student leadership.
  • Active engagement with our local community, leading to enhanced collaboration with local venues and organizations.

Our Arts mark Journey to Silver

Our journey to achieving the Artsmark Silver Award at New College Bradford has had a profound impact, much like the example provided for another school. Here’s how it aligns with our specific goals and ambitions:

Increased Opportunities

Our vision for the Arts mark journey was to create increased opportunities for our students. The two-year process allowed us to set ambitious goals and strive to achieve them. The commitment and dedication of our staff and students were crucial in achieving the Silver accolade. This journey has led to expanded opportunities for our young people in the arts, both in terms of curriculum design and extracurricular activities.

Increased Engagement

One of the significant impacts of our Arts mark journey has been increased engagement in the arts curriculum. More students are actively participating in arts-related activities, such as playing musical instruments, joining co-curricular clubs, and performing in various events. This heightened engagement has enriched the arts experience for our students and contributed to a vibrant arts culture at our college.

Developing Relationships

Building strong relationships has been a key goal of our Arts mark journey. We have successfully developed connections not only within our college but also across the New Collaborative Learning Trust and within our feeder communities. Through events, exhibitions, and community involvement, we have fostered these relationships. This has not only enriched our students’ experiences but also strengthened our network within the local community and the wider educational cluster.

Developing Confident Role Models

Our journey has empowered both staff and students, helping them gain confidence, learn new skills, and have unique experiences through creative teaching and provision. We have focused on providing positive role models through student-led workshops at local primary schools, inspiring younger children and allowing for collaborative learning experiences. The positive feedback from staff, students, and the students delivering these sessions highlights the success of this approach.

Collaborating with the Community

Active engagement with the local community has been a central element of our Arts mark journey. We have leveraged local events and facilities to showcase our students’ talents and encourage greater community participation in the arts. Collaboration with local venues, like the Princess Theatre, and organizations, such as the Hunstanton Church of Saint Edmund, has allowed us to elevate student participation and foster a sense of community pride in our arts initiatives. This engagement has enabled us to offer greater opportunities for our students and enhance our local arts ecosystem.

Starting a Student-Led Arts Council

As part of our Arts mark journey, we’ve initiated a student-led arts council to encourage and develop student voice. This has empowered students to actively participate in shaping the arts culture at our college, ensuring that their perspectives and ideas are heard and valued.

Improving Community Partnerships

We are committed to enhancing our community partnerships and welcoming more of the public into our school to enjoy and contribute to our events. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of shared ownership and community involvement in our arts initiatives.

Enhancing Parental Participation

Another essential aspect of our journey is improving parental participation within our events. We recognize the importance of involving parents in their children’s arts education and showcasing their talents and achievements to a wider audience.

Diversifying the Curriculum

Our Arts mark journey has also led to the diversification of the curriculum. We’ve adapted our current offerings by introducing trips and engaging visiting arts companies, providing students with a broader and more enriching arts education.

Improving Students’ Confidence

Through our journey, we’ve focused on improving students’ confidence through greater performance and exhibition opportunities. This has allowed them to showcase their talents and gain valuable experience that contributes to their personal and artistic growth.

Continued Endeavors

We are committed to building on our successes and further expanding our relationships and networks with the local community. We aim to continue investing in the arts, providing more opportunities for our students through art exhibitions, competitions, and collaborations with local theaters and organizations.

Our Arts mark journey at New College Bradford has led to increased opportunities, engagement, strong relationships, confident role models, and active collaboration with the community. We are dedicated to furthering our efforts to enrich the lives of our students and strengthen our ties with the local community through the arts.

You can find out more about the Arts mark award here –

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