Summer Throwback: Festival of Progression Highlights!

As we navigate through the chilly months and begin preparations for the upcoming Festival of Progression 2024, let’s take a moment to reminisce about the extraordinary Festival of Progression, held in the warmth of July 2023. This remarkable event united over 160 brilliant minds from six schools, creating a memorable experience for all.

🌐 Citywide Collaboration:

The festival, supported by the University of Hull, welcomed Year 9 and 10 ‘Able and Talented’ students from 55 schools across the City.

🚀 Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders:

Focused on raising aspirations, the Festival of Progression offered a diverse array of experiences. Students immersed themselves in STEMM activities like Drone Programming, delved into the world of Business and Enterprise with Adam Corbally (former BBC ‘The Apprentice’ finalist), honed their artistic and poetic skills, and engaged in friendly competitions during exhilarating sporting events.

⚽ Sports Extravaganza:

Led by Anthony Gallagher (FA and Barnsley FC Youth Coach) and Michael Lawrence (Captain of the Bradford Bulls), both members of the Sports staff at New College Bradford, students not only competed but also trained, gaining valuable insights into sportsmanship and teamwork.

🎨 Creative Expression:

From circus skills with FlameOz, renowned for their contribution to the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, to self-defence classes and an interactive bird of prey presentation by York Bird of Prey – creativity and learning soared to new heights.

👩‍🏫 Staff Wellbeing Matters:

Recognizing the importance of staff wellbeing, New College and visiting school staff were also invited to partake in events, fostering a holistic approach to education.

🌈 Beyond Education:

The Festival of Progression was not just an event; it was a journey of inspiration, collaboration, and skill-building, setting the stage for a bright future.

Thank you to the University of Hull for their support, and a massive shoutout to all the students, schools, and professionals who made this festival an unforgettable experience!

🌞 #FestivalOfProgression #EmpoweringEducation #SummerThrowback

Below are what our visiting students had to say about the sessions they experienced:

Adam Corbally Enterprise Days

  • Haris from Dixons Kings Academy: ‘I really enjoyed the Adam Corbally enterprise session as it helped me get out of my shell and present in front of everyone which I would never imagine I would be doing.  I also won a trophy which I am very proud about’.
  • Subhaan from Dixon Kings Academy: ‘I really enjoyed listening to Adam’s motivational story’.
  • Mohammad from Dixons McMillan Academy: ‘Adam’s session was fun as it helped me with public speaking’.
  • Nicola, staff member from Carlton Keighley: ‘The motivational speaker was excellent, engaging for the young people’.
  • Isobel, staff member from Carlton Keighley: ‘Guest speaker was engaging and relevant’.

York Birds of Prey

  • Phoebe from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘Holding Shadow and Cruella was a cool experience’.
  • Maria from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘Entertaining bird of prey presentation, adorable birds’.
  • Nadia from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘I enjoyed holding the birds from York bird of prey as well as learning about the birds’.

Dave Ford – FlameOz Circus Skills

  • Nadia from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘The circus skills were really fun and I got to try out new things’.
  • Sabika from Dixons McMillan Academy: ‘I enjoyed using skills in the circus skills session and trying new equipment’.
  • Tina from Carlton Keighley: ‘I loved the independence we were given in the circus session’.

JT Martial Arts

  • Jasmina from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘Martial Arts staff were really friendly’.
  • Sofia from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘I really enjoyed learning new self-defence skills to perform for future references. I also enjoyed the company of what the students provided in helping to reduce the adversities of certain activities that we played. Thank you’.
  • Aliya from Carlton Keighley: ‘I enjoyed the sports and martial arts. The atmosphere was welcoming. The sessions were active and engaging’.

Art workshop by Claire Connolly from Don’t Burst My Bubble

  • Sintija from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘Interesting art lesson. I got to use new and unique things to create a cool picture. The birds were really adorable’.
  • Usifoh from Dixons Kings Academy: ‘The creativity of the artwork and the teaching and the end products, the teachers and student representatives were so nice and lively, and it was good fun’.
  • Anita from Dixons McMillan Academy: ‘I enjoyed the Don’t Burst My Bubble art session the most today’.

Poetry with Ash Dickinson

  • Alfie from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘I really enjoyed the poetry and felt inspired. It was great to link this to the circus skills’.

Hyett Education Drones

  • Mahreen from Carlton Keighley: ‘Learned a lot. Excellent coding lessons. Teacher patient, informative and excellent’.
  • Esta from Carlton Keighley: ‘Excellent, informative, very patient, learnt a lot about coding that was then put into practice so could be experienced’.
  • Ismail from Dixons Kings: ‘I had enjoyed learning how to use code to control the drones and make them fly in letters and shapes. Furthermore, I had fun when we were working in groups with same objective, and it made it easier to complete the tasks’.

New College Bradford Sports with Anthony Gallagher and Michael Lawrence

  • Casey from Bradford Forster Academy: ‘I enjoyed the basketball shooting and the competition. Ellie was nice’.
  • Zaynah from Carlton Keighley: ‘I enjoyed being active, feeling welcomed by the young members and the games, interactive’.
  • Madina from Carlton Keighley: ‘I enjoyed staying active. Highly welcoming. Interactive games. Socialising with other people from other schools’.
  • Hara from Dixons McMillan Academy: ‘It was very enjoyable. I liked the rugby games and when we won the cricket practice’.

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