Subject Intent: Why History?

Our History curriculum intends to help students understand the significance of historical events, the role of individuals in history and the nature of change over time.  A History A-level will help students gain a deeper understanding of the past through political, social, economic and cultural perspectives. These skills are vital for young people as they start to develop a wider awareness of the political world around them. 

What will I study?

Paper 1 - The Tudors, 1485–1603 This option allows students to study in breadth issues of change, continuity, cause and consequence in this period through the following key questions:
  • How effectively did the Tudors restore and develop the powers of the monarchy?
  • How did relations with foreign powers change and how was the succession secured?
  • How did English society and economy change and with what effects?
  • How far did intellectual and religious ideas change and develop and with what effects?
  • How important was the role of key individuals and groups?
Paper 2 – Revolution and dictatorship: Russia, 1917– 1953. This option provides for the study in depth of the coming and practice of communism in Russia. It explores concepts such as:
  • Marxism.
  • Communism.
  • Leninism and Stalinism.
  • Ideological control and dictatorship.
The NEA – Indian Partition, the creation of Pakistan and the role of the British Empire. This is a 100-year study investigating the reasons for the end of British Rule in India and the rise of nationalism. The end of the British Empire in India in August 1947 resulted in the creation of two separate states of India and Pakistan. This event was to result in the biggest mass migration in history. Over 18 million people migrated to join their particular religious majority. At least a million people died in communal violence in the process. This coursework will look at the origins of the issues and attempt to analyse the reasons for it using contemporary and historians’ sources.


Please note: Subject videos have been filmed from colleges across our Trust.

What are lessons like in this subject?

In History we engage learners with sources and texts written by historians and use these to interpret events from the past. We use quizzes to test student content, whilst prompting students to beat their best score. We promote academic literature which supports student learning, and invite guest speakers who are passionate about their subject.

What our


History is an interesting subject, it opens up debates and explains how events that have occurred in the past have shaped modern day society.

Alia Bibi, Bradford Academy

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