Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

Subject Intent: Why Religion, Ethics & Philosophy?

Studying Religion, Ethics and Philosophy challenges students to think about deep and controversial questions. It incorporates three key areas of study (theology, philosophy and social sciences) and is designed to inspire students to reflect on what it means to be humans and evaluate and reflect on the impact of beliefs on lifestyles. Students are encouraged to develop open minds that are analytical and evaluative, giving them the essential skills that are critical in large variety of careers.

What will I study?

  • Study of Religion (Islam): religious figures and sacred texts, religious concepts, social and historical developments in religious thought, e.g. attitudes to wealth and poverty and religious practices.
  • Religion and Ethics: religious and secular theories about what makes actions moral and immoral, ethical theories applied to moral issues, e.g. animal testing for medical research and debates whether or not humans have free will.
  • Philosophy of Religion: arguments for the existence of God, challenges to religious belief including the problem of evil and psychological challenges from Freud and Jung, religious experience and religious language.

Religion, Ethics & Philosophy

Please note: Subject videos have been filmed from colleges across our Trust.

What are lessons like in this subject?

Religion, Ethics and Philosophy lessons include thinking and talking about issues that are relevant in contemporary society and that have also had a huge impact throughout history. You will have the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be human, and discuss and evaluate the impact of belief or lack of belief on lifestyles. You will be expected to participate in discussions about religious, ethical and philosophical issues and to support your arguments with specific evidence, examples or scholarly opinions.  You will have the opportunity to work in small groups to share ideas and develop oracy skills. During your lessons you will learn to extract relevant information from texts and use it to write analytical essays in a structured and effective way. You will be frequently tested in a variety of ways to aid your knowledge and understanding of the subject content. You may get the opportunity to attend subject conferences at universities and visit places of religious significance.

What our


I found this subject fascinating. It relates to a lot of the issues that we face in the world today. It is important to understand that there are so many different perspectives and not all opinions can simply be labelled as good or bad.

Fatimah Zohra, Oasis Academy

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