Creative Digital Media Production

Subject Intent: Why Creative Digital Media Production?

Media will allow learners to develop a wide-range of creative, organisational and communication skills. Students will complete practical creative projects beginning with initial ideas generation, through to the pre-production, production and post-production phases using industry standard approaches. Students will also gain a broader knowledge of the media industry and the roles and careers offered, which is beneficial for progression to university courses or employment within the media sector. This course addresses the growing need for media professionals with varied skill sets within the Yorkshire region.

What will I study?

  • Media Representations - studying a variety of different media products from magazines to video games, music videos to print adverts. You will explore how these media products are constructed, how meaning is created and how an audience can react and interact with these products.
  • Responding to a commission - a set brief is provided outlining the need for a Media product, the brief will also require you to plan and construct materials for a media product under timed conditions.
  • Pre-production Portfolio – Within this section of the course, you’ll identify the need and purpose of planning and preparation for all media products from radio to film and more. This will be complete before carrying this out your own planning and preproduction for your own media product to a high industry standard.
  • Film Production – Your skills, knowledge and understanding of media products, their needs and requirements will come together to enable you to produce your own short film production. Script writing, casting, costume, rehearsal, shooting and editing all comes down to you and your final product before the final screening.

Creative Digital Media Production

Please note: Subject videos have been filmed from colleges across our Trust.

What are lessons like in this subject?

Creative Digital Media Production will allow learners to develop a wide range of creative, organisational and communication skills by developing practical creative projects from initial ideas generation, through the preproduction and planning stage, to production and post production all whilst using industry-standard approaches. Media products have a range of different purposes. Whether it is to advertise and promote a product or service, inform an audience of a cause or engage and entertain an audience. Students will also gain a broad knowledge of the media industry and the roles and careers offered within this vastly growing sector.

What our


This course helps to develop media skills with industry standard equipment contributing to development which each learner discovers many media aspects.

Mohammad adil, Grange technology college

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