Subject Intent: Why Chemistry?

The chemistry curriculum allows students to develop an understanding of physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. It provides many transferable skills required for a range of careers. Teaching students’ skills in critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and organisation prepares them well for the next steps that chemistry can offer. These include careers in medicine, engineering, research, pharmacology and support the growing shortage in STEM in Yorkshire.

What will I study?

In Year 12, you will study:
  • Practical skills in chemistry
  • Foundations in chemistry including atoms, compounds and molecules and bonding and structure
  • The periodic table and energy including periodicity, qualitative analysis and reaction rates and equilibrium
  • Core organic chemistry including hydrocarbons, alcohols and haloalkanes and infrared spectroscopy (IR) and mass spectrometry (MS)
In Year 13, you will study:
  • Practical skills in chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and transition elements including enthalpy, entropy and free energy and redox and electrode potentials
  • Organic chemistry and analysis including aromatic compounds, carboxylic acids and esters, polymers and NMR


Please note: Subject videos have been filmed from colleges across our Trust.

What are lessons like in this subject?

You’ll experience a range of activities that are planned to both challenge and develop your confidence of Chemistry. New content is introduced using comprehensive booklets of notes, examples and exercises, and lessons are planned to help you develop strategies for applying your new knowledge to a range of exam questions. Throughout the course, you will undertake a number of practical activities per term. These are designed to meet the requirements of the Practical Endorsement, develop strong laboratory skills and to further develop your understanding of the practical applications of Chemistry. All of these activities will utilise specialist chemical equipment and dedicated teaching labs.

What our


Coming into Year 12, chemistry was far from my favourite subject, but it instantly grew to be something I not only was good at, but enjoyed. Chemistry lessons at NCB are constructed in the perfect way to draw you in and help you to understand the theory behind concepts, rather than just memorise facts. Studying Chemistry is the perfect choice if you want to leave College with a subject you know and care about.

Amman Ahmed, Carlton Bolling

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