Design and Technology - Product Design

Subject Intent: Why Design and Technology - Product Design?

From phones and drones to aeroplanes, buildings and everything inside them, in a world where every single product we look at or touch has been designed and manufactured, this course gives students an insight to how it’s all possible. Exploring wide ranges of materials, processes, user needs and environmental considerations, students become familiar with the responsibility and demand on designers and manufacturers. The two Design & Technology pathways offer learners the opportunity to build knowledge, skills and understanding of design and manufacture and are a steppingstone for students who wish to continue studies or work in any area of design or engineering.

What will I study?

  • Materials - origin, suitability and application of
  • Manufacturing processes and techniques - industrial
  • Structures
  • Mechanisms
  • Forces and Motion
  • Electronics and energy forms
  • Programming
  • Communication skills - drawing, sketching and modelling techniques
  • Practical manufacturing skills
  • Sustainability and environmental impacts
  • Stakeholders, users and their requirements

Design and Technology - Product Design

Please note: Subject videos have been filmed from colleges across our Trust.

What are lessons like in this subject?

The two Design & Technology pathways available, (Product Design & Design Engineering) incorporate elements of subjects including Maths, Science, Geography and Business Studies, complementing them with skills like problem solving, creativity, design and manufacture. Both strands allow students to become elaborative interrogators and build an understanding of the world they live in. The pathways prepare students for examined content as well as a non-examined assessment project. Lessons are varied, developing a mixture of design techniques including technical drawing and computer aided design as well as access to a broad range of tools for prototyping such as laser cutting, woodwork and 3D printing. Both pathways involve research, rigorous investigation, iterative design, development and manufacture. Design Engineering has much more of an expectation on functioning products, electronics and the incorporation of Maths & Physics whereas Product Design has a greater focus on consumer products and their applications.

What our


It stretches you to levels you may not taught you have, it requires precision and thinking at each step making sure that each step is at the best of your ability. It also allows you to be creative and more open minded when tackling problems or trying to find a solution. It helps you develop skills such as problem solving, courage and resilience to carry on improving.

Asad-Ullah Zubair, Bradford Academy

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